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  • 3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

    The immune cells inside of the digestive tract play a major role in maintaining homeostasis of the immune system. Managing optimal ratios of good bacteria (probiotics) in the gut has been shown to promote intestinal cell survival, enhance gut barrier function, and stimulate protective cell responses, which in turn can prevent infections. Here is how…

  • Top 5 Immunity Supporting Supplements

    Sadly there really are no tricks to be had here! You can’t beat the basics! Sleep, adequate water, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and moderate movement are really the keys to immune health. There is no one supplement that can take the place of these key, essential practices. There are, however, some herbs, plants, vitamins,…

  • Keeping Love Strong Through The Corona Virus

    Keeping Love Strong Through The Corona Virus

    Why the little things can drive you crazy! Well, we’ve made it through week two of what feels like a month of this NYC lockdown/social distancing/quarantine ‘situation.’ If you haven’t been keeping up with MYND MVMT’s daily expert offerings, you should reconsider. There’s been daily roundtable discussions with expert professionals on various topics including Managing…


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