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Our team is led by Mynd Mvmt CEO and Founder Samantha Benigno, a counselor, therapist, clinical coach and educator, whose career began as a helping professional in college facilitating groups of other students. She went on in 2001 to her first counseling role working in adolescent substance abuse treatment for Phoenix House. The former Hazelden Betty Ford Supervisor went on to work in all levels of care, with all ages, and specializes in substance use disorders, dual diagnosis, anxiety, depression, trauma and working with psychosis.
Samantha’s love affair with psychology began her sophomore year in high school when a friend’s suicide attempt sparked an interest in studying the human psyche. Later she would come to realize that she too had struggled with anxiety and depression, as well as with disordered eating, most of her early life. It was however her early experiences with drugs and alcohol that would lead to her depth of understanding of the mind and body relationship. Fixated on how the smallest amount of a chemical could transform one’s experience, she set out to learn about the brain & addiction. It was this desire for knowledge that would lead to a life long fascination with behavioral neuroscience, the mind and body connection. Finding her way into recovery, Samantha came to truly understand first hand what it takes to undergo transformative life change.
Inspired by her experience, she became focused on the science of recovery, the mechanics of change, closely examining the biopsychology of what it takes to create the life you truly want most.
Samantha has been formally trained and is experienced with motivational interviewing, family systems, EMDR, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools and techniques, 12 step facilitation, dialectical behavior therapy, attachment theory, the neuro-biology of addiction, gambling and behavioral addictions, working with dual diagnosis, psychotic disorders, anxiety and depression, understanding psychiatric medications, systems theory, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, meditation, and mindfulness. In addition, she is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and holds Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology, Pastoral Counseling, Management Science, and is a PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology with a specialization is psychophysics.


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