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Mental Health & Wellness

Struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression?

Seeking one-on-one counselling or coaching support?

Want a more effective outpatient intervention?

Achevement & Goal Attainment

Looking for practical guidance and support?

Want to advance your life or achieve a specific goal?

Looking for executive function support?

Managing & Overcoming Stress

Feeling overwhelmed?

Struggling with a difficult life event or experience?

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Debbie B. (Parent) Long Island, NY

MYND MVMT truly recognizes how pathways to change are achieved. Incorporating MYND MVMT teachings into my own life has created extraordinary results! MYND MVMT understands how, often, the barriers to change occur within ourselves and empowers individuals to utilize their psychology in such a way that makes, truly, anything possible!

MYND MVMT client, 29 years old, Greenwich, CT

Just rereading a two-page email you sent me (from a year ago) about your impressions of our son and what it would take for him to get better. You seem to have been completely correct! We so appreciate all that you have done and are doing for him.

Father of MYND MVMT client, Westchester, NY

My MYND MVMT clinician gives me his undivided attention and has many ideas of how I can improve my current situation. I know he wants me to succeed.

MYND MVMT client, 26 years old, Westchester, NY

All I ever wanted was to be normal. I had been in and out of programs for years. I had honestly given up hope. I was depressed, dealing with horrible anxiety, was drinking just to get through the day. I couldn’t finish school or go to work. I kind of thought that would just be my life. Then I met Sam and her team, and everything changed. They taught me there is a totally different way to do it. Now I am a college graduate, living on my own and working in my first real job.

MYND MVMT client, 28 Years old

Treating the Mind and
Body as One

Customized one-on-one mental health & wellness services


Work with experienced mental health professionals trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, as well as other specialized therapies.

Clinical Coaching

Work with mental health professionals in a more targeted approach to achieve specific goals and objectives.

Get 24/7 access to mental health professionals

An Alternative to Outpatient Treatment

For those who need more.

Work with a team of mental health professionals to build a program across disciplines that is tailored to your needs, goals, and objectives.

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Your journey with us begins with a consult to determine how we can best support you in achieving your goals and objectives. Once we get started, we will walk you through a brief assessment process to determine the most effective strategy for your long term success.

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