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I am a movement coach and mobility specialist. My movement practice is an ever-expanding and evolving process that is driven by my passion for discovery. Over the past eight years I have dedicated my career to exploring the human body’s movement capacity and how best to expand it. In 2013, I received my 200-RYT Yoga Teacher certification after delving deep into a year long Women’s Healer and Yoga Teacher Training. For the next three years, I taught yoga at various studios throughout NYC. Realizing that I wanted to further educate myself for my clients and students, I began researching biomechanics and physiology. In 2016, I expanded my movement research and became a certified personal trainer with NCSF.
I have since become a certified Mobility Specialist with Functional Range Conditioning and am a certified Kinstretch instructor. I also have certifications in Kettlebell Athletics Lvl 2, Pre and Post Natal Training, Progressive Bodyweight Training, Functional Movement Screen, Precision Nutrition, ViPR Training, and Animal Flow Lvl 2. I practice and continue to study many movement arts including dance, Tae Kwon Do, yoga, rolling ropes, and contact improvisation.
Diversity in movement is the key to creating the true strength which we seek. Physical strength is only one benefit of a diverse movement practice. More importantly, a diverse movement practice facilitates an adaptable and confident human, able to coordinate with any environment and task.

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