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I discovered the Feldenkrais Method in 2008 while looking for a way to deal with tension and pain that were getting in the way of my martial art practice. While enrolled in the Feldenkrais Professional Training Program I learned about Moshe Feldenkrais, the founder of the method, and his appreciation of how lasting improvements in one’s well-being can be achieved effectively through a gentle process accessible to people of different levels of fitness and ability.
Upon graduating from Feldenkrais training program in 2011, I started my private practice and continued studying with Sheryl Field, who studied extensively with Feldenkrais and is the founder of The Field Center for Children’s Integrated Development. Through my studies with her, I further improved my understanding of the method and my ability to help people.
I have worked with clients who include professional dancers, musicians, and children with motor difficulties and developmental delays. I am also trained in Aikido, Russian Martial Art, and Contact Improv. My diverse background and professional experience in teaching Feldenkrais to a broad range of clients allow me to bring influences from many fields into helping my clients address their specific movement difficulties and improve their overall quality of life.

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