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Physical health and wellness have always been an important part of who I am, but my fascination with the link between physical health and mental health came later in my life.
While on the soccer team my sophomore year of college I was injured. My inability to play a sport I was passionate about left me questioning my identity, and I was anxious, fearful, and felt there was a strong disconnect between my physical body and mental mindset. Throughout my recovery, my coaches and teammates told me to focus on physical exercise to recover. However, no one addressed the mental side of recovery. This realization led me to explore the field of sport psychology. As an undergrad, I studied psychology and then received a Master’s of Education degree from the University of Missouri in the field of Educational and School Counseling and Positive Coaching.
After graduating, I pursued the sport of CrossFit and have been a CrossFit athlete for the past seven years. I have been a L1 CrossFit Certified Coach and personal trainer in health and wellness for the past five years.
My background in Positive Coaching and Educational Counseling, combined with my psychology and fitness background, have given me access to explore and develop in areas such as human behavior, leadership skills, the power of motivation, and the power of the practice of mindfulness. My certification in Motivational Interviewing has helped me to incorporate and learn deliberate language, as well as to focus on others personal needs and how to meet individuals where they are.
I love helping individuals connect their mind and body, and I am excited to incorporate my passion for movement with my passion in the field of psychology.

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