Are You Stuck?

It’s a blessing and a curse to realize we’re very much in control of our lives. Our thoughts, our actions – they...

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Are You Chasing Happy

If you are like so many of us, too much of your time and attention is spent frustrated, exhausted, anxious, consumed with...

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The Art of Receiving

Receiving. A word I had absolutely no context or understanding of but that was routinely thrown around when I first began my “intimacy”...

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Self Love to Reduce Stress

As it turns out the happiest people out there also think most highly of themselves. According to Stanford University scientist Dr. Robert...

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Sugar Shock

Once upon a time food was much simpler. You would flip over to the ingredient list and see “brown sugar” and know,...

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Concerns in scientific studies

A recent article published on (Science Daily) presents the findings of a scientific study conducted by the Faculty of Science at the...

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