3 Ways to Create More Meaning In Your Life…the Danish Way!

The Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced who-guh) has gained incredible popularity over the last few years. Type the word ‘hygge’ into Google and it will translate to ‘fun’ or ‘cozy’. While this is a sound attempt at capturing its meaning, ‘hygge’, cannot be explained quite that simply. Ask any Dane what ‘hygge’ means and you will […]

4 Ways to Make Your Relationship Feel New, Electric, and Exciting Again

I was home for the holidays with my family and, like most traditional families, we exchange gifts. After a certain point it gets tough because we are all fortunate to have so much of what we need that giving gifts can require a lot more thought and attention, which can be an advanced practice in […]

“It’s Not Them…” How to finally get the relationship I want

Being a relationship coach in NYC is a fun and funny job. NYC is known for its “work hard, play hard” culture. An incredibly fast pace, people always “on the go”,  all of us working hard to make it happen! There’s a grind, a palpable obsessive work culture here that we all sense is pretty unique. […]

The Benefits of Detoxification: The Body Cleanse

The majority of us are simply unaware of how much “crap” our bodies pick up as we go about our daily routines. While we’re glued to our cell phones, over-relying on fast food, Grub-hub or Seamless, or are off somewhere staring at YouTube, playing games on our phone, or watching the umpteenth episode of whatever […]

Finding Our Way to The Truth: 5 Ways to Improve Your Life Fast

 Most people don’t realize the degree to which they are responsible for the lives they are living. They don’t see how, for better or for worse, they are “doing it” to themselves. This is not a criticism. It’s, in fact, a way out! You see, we’ve simply been horribly misinformed. We don’t know that our thoughts matter and tragically pay […]

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