When Is It Going To Be Enough

Do you struggle to find a reasonable and sustainable balance between work, play, and taking care of yourself?  If the answer is yes, rest assured that you are not the only one. It seems these days, that many people have embraced the “work hard, play harder” mind set. The struggle then however is with getting enough rest. If the body depends on rest to recover […]

Becoming an Alchemist: Turning Complaints Into Gold

How to Tackle Complaints in Your Relationship Ever notice how much we all complain?  I mean really…if you start to pay closer attention it’s likely to blow your mind! Complaining is everywhere! It’s all around us. It’s an absolute pandemic! It’s with you at the grocery store when the person behind you in line rolls their eyes and says, “Can you […]

What is Bio-hacking and How Can It Help You

There is so much talk about change these days. Changing jobs, changing careers, changing your body, changing your partner, changing your identity, changing your mind, among other things. The reality is that wanting a change is one thing, but making the change is a whole other ballgame. In fact, it’s one that many people will fail to achieve because they don’t have the tools, information, or motivation required to get the results they say they want. This is where MYND MVMT comes in. We […]

Fear Not! You Can Still Fix It!

There’s an old saying: it’s very easy to get married, hard to get a divorce. Have you ever wondered why that is? For starters, we’re really never taught how to build healthy relationships, whether romantic or not. We’re also never taught how to build a healthy relationship with ourselves either. If we’re lucky, we grew up in a stable family with loving, connected […]

Is Competition Really a Bad Thing?

Throughout my life I have always identified, at least in part, as an athlete. Along with that identity always came a strong instinct for competition. I was taught even from my early days as a blossoming young soccer player how to cultivate and develop a “win at all costs” mentality! In fact, throughout my career as an athlete it was […]

What To Do When You Are Secretly Worried Your Partner Is Getting Fat!

One of the truly great benefits of being a therapist is getting to hear how people really feel, deep down inside, about themselves and the world around them. After working with men and women for years, it is clear there are pressures on both genders to conform to a standard of beauty that is unrealistic, at best, […]

The Hidden Danger in a New Years Resolution

As a career mental health and substance abuse professional you get the chance to work with hundreds of people who are all thinking about improving their lives in some way. For us the phrase, “heading into the office” translates literally into working directly with clients to facilitate some type of positive life change. Sure, people vary in […]

Quick, 3 Step Guide to Having the Relationship You Want in 2020

This past weekend I attended the Digital Entrepreneurship Summit and was blown away! There were hundreds of brilliant creative types finding new and clever ways to produce content and make it go viral! It was a bit intimidating to be with so many inspiring professionals with this much knowledge and expertise all in one place! The biggest […]

4 Ways to Make 2020 the Happiest Time of Your Life!

If you are like so many of us, much of the time you find yourself frustrated, anxious, and feeling like you’re always just trying to keep up! You feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and distracted by obsessive thinking. Thoughts of failure and defeat, self-doubt and criticism, resentment and injustice, compete for your attention. You wind up focused […]

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