What I Learned from Chris Cornell: The Undeniable Importance of Mood

The Undeniable Importance of Your Mood How do you start your day?  I woke up this morning to one thing on my mind drowning out all else – a song actually – the voice of the late great Chris Cornell. “Please mother mercy, take me from this place. And the long-winded curses I hear in my head”, […]

For the Men (and Women): 5 hacks to healthier, more connected communication with the women in your life

I was out with my yoga studio friends this weekend when, naturally, the topic of work came up. A woman asked me what I did. I explained I was a Mindful Relationship Coach, and she became noticeably excited. I’ve seen this look before and knew it was time for a Q & A. To many […]

The Art of Receiving

Receiving. A word I had absolutely no context or understanding of but that was routinely thrown around when I first began my “intimacy” coach training. “Giving. Receiving…” it was all very abstract to me and it wasn’t until I learned through experience in various relationships that I came to actually understand the concepts. In truth, it isn’t just […]

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